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Action learning is a catalyst for personal transformation, which links business challenges to personal development.

Action Learning


You will be immersed into a completely new and unknown culture and environment, where you will solve a unique challenge as a team of learners. This approach will be a catalyst for your personal transformation. It will take you out of your comfort zone and allow you to explore, experiment and behave in a totally new territory.

External Projects

Imagine you run a theatre performance with children having special needs. Imagine you organise and orchestrate a circus show for teenagers from Chernobyl. Imagine you consult the management of a start-up NGO. You would visit local sites and talk with senior management, client facing staff and other stakeholders. You would work and interact with your peers as a management team.

Not only are these types of community projects very effective for personal learning, they also have a strong impact on society (Corporate Social Responsibility). We collaborate with trusted partners and create the right environment and challenge for your needs.

Internal Projects

You will work on a crucial strategic challenge chosen by your senior management.  You will engage in field research, talk to clients, vendors and internal stakeholders to analyse the opportunities and threats that come with your project. At the end of the process you will present innovative solutions and recommendations to your management or sponsor.

Forum Theatre

We use this powerful method with big groups e.g. as part of a conference, programme or offsite: Together with you and our team of actors we outline scenarios that address critical issues in your company. We put them on in a playful or provocative way, placing the action outside your business. This approach allows the audience to look at their own situation they are all in with fresh eyes from the outside.

The facilitator stops the scene at a controversial point and brings the audience in, inviting them to make suggestions for the actors next steps, directing the action to resolve the displayed leadership challenges and reach a successful conclusion. It can happen that members of the audience join the play, replacing an actor and interacting with the remaining characters to find a solution.

The effectiveness of the Forum Theatre approach lies in the power of images and storytelling, where you can stage and deal with emotional challenges in a non-threatening way. Participants explore different approaches or solutions and experience the response to their action immediately.

Action Learning projects are team based, hands-on learning experiences, which achieve breakthrough results.


Action Learning helps your organisation to proactively respond to change by driving innovation.

Experiment & Reflect

Sustainable learning requires a balance between action and reflection, combining experimentation with after-action review.

During your action learning project our facilitators will run regular time-out sessions. This will allow you to reflect on your behaviour and link the new experiences to your daily work.

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