We assess your

Our assessment centres allow you to evaluate individual potential and select specialists and managers.

Assessment Centre

Types of Assessments

Our assessment centres simulate everyday business situations as realistically as possible. We expose your candidates to job-related situations with a focus on business, interpersonal and leadership skills. We use individual and team assignments, discussions, presentations, structured interviews and role-plays with our people playing stakeholders. Together these demonstrate the candidate’s ability to cope with complex business challenges under pressure, to lead, perform and communicate in a difficult environment and to reflect and learn from their own behaviour.

Combining Assessment and Work

We ask talents to work on strategic business issues and present the results back to senior management. This combined approach allows you to assess your talents while they are working on solutions to business issues and to use your talents as resource to develop innovative solutions.

Leadership Competencies

Our work is based on your competency model. Should there be no such instrument in place, we help you to build or adapt your competency framework in line with your strategic priorities. Here are some of the competencies which are essential for business success: entrepreneurship, execute the strategy, lead and develop others, manage change, innovate, focus on clients and build relationships.


The candidates know in advance on what competencies they will be assessed. We provide a high level of transparency. At the end of the assessment every candidate receives his or her assessment report during a personal feedback session run by one of the observing assessors.


Our assessment centres are based on observed behaviour. We use multiple perspectives, diverse observers and a broad range of exercises and scenarios in order to get evidence, which allows us to reach conclusions about interpersonal and leadership capabilities and potential. In our reports we put together recommendations that are discussed with internal stakeholders before taking a final decision on the candidates.

Why Assessments?

We develop assessment centres that allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your talents in relation to your competency model. We help you to identify which areas your talents need to develop in order to be successful now and in the future.


We recommend having a mixed team of internal and external assessors. The internal assessors are usually line managers who get a short but intense training before pairing up with external assessors and act as observers during the assessment. Even though an assessment centre means a considerable time investment for a line manager, it has proven to be a beneficial resource for personal development and for getting familiar with the company’s talent pool or pipeline.


The ideal length for an Assessment Centre has proven to be 2-4 days. In addition to the development of a tailored assessment centre, we provide you with the entire logistical set up and organisation, if you so wish.

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