Coaching for

As coach we help you to challenge your current thinking, explore new perspectives, self-reflect, test out new behaviour and grow.



You can use our coaching offer as a concentrated personal development method, as support in your transition to a more senior role or as an integral part of a development programme. Our coaching sessions take place face-to-face, by Skype or by phone, in a safe learning environment.

Executive Coaching

Beside the individual and personal aspects, we place a big emphasis on your business challenges, enabling you to develop solutions and actions for manoeuvring in your business environment and achieving sustainable results. All our executive coaches have extensive experience in organisational life and corporate politics.

Agility and Resilience

Our coaching is resource-oriented and supports your personal development. We help you to build up your agility and resilience in a challenging business environment.

Caring and Daring

Our approach to coaching is founded on mutual respect, trust and acceptance. We are not shy about challenging your current thinking, bringing in new perspectives and providing you with honest and even blunt, feedback while addressing blind spots and weaknesses.


Contracting Session

Before starting your coaching, we run a contracting session with you and if required your leader or HR representative. We will get agreement on the objectives, focal themes, the number of sessions to be held over a period of time and the appropriate location for the coaching.

If you would like to learn more about the Coaching offering of Antoine Kissenpfennig, please visit the KISSENPFENNIG COACH site