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We provide you with what you need for long-term success.

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We provide you with leadership models and methods to reflect on what you do at work, help you to define yourself as a leader and exploit your own potential.

Leaders today struggle with complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty in a rapidly changing business environment. This requires new capabilities and ways of developing leaders


We provide practice oriented methods and skill training for you to become more effective in your exchange with others.

We have a wide range of practice-oriented methods, useful tools and experiential skill training for you. Success depends upon the quality of collaboration and communication, and upon winning people’s commitment, both face-to-face and virtually. Engaging and influencing others are critical skills for the success of leaders and employees in your company.


We facilitate your teams, help you to discover new ways of working and develop your virtual and face-to-face team effectiveness.

We help you to understand and deal with the group dynamics in your team. As a result you will become more effective and deliver the expected business results.


We help you to challenge your talents and enable them to become future leaders, by providing them with new experiences and insights.

We enable your talents to develop their professional and interpersonal competencies, become more effective in achieving their goals and take over larger roles in your organisation.


We support personal transition and organisational transformation in creating conditions, where your people can buy into the change and make it happen.

In today's world change has become part of daily life. We help you to address the difficult issues that go along with change in your team or organisation.


We support you to leverage diversity and develop a respectful and inclusive company culture, which increases productivity.

We help you to capitalise on the potential of every employee. We do this by focusing on the individual’s unique attributes.


We help you to develop and retain talented graduates in order to get a talent pipeline with fresh perspectives.

We help you to attract, develop and retain your talented graduates.


As coach I support you to become more effective, authentic and satisfied in your job.

My coaching is based on self-awareness and is action-oriented.
If you would like to learn more about the Coaching offering of Antoine Kissenpfennig, please visit the KISSENPFENNIG COACH site www.kissenpfennig.ch